KFH Debit Card-i Annual Fee Charges

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When will the Annual Fee take effect?

Q2. Did you charge the Annual Fee previously?

Q3. Is the annual fee applicable to ALL Cardmembers?

Q4. What is the difference between new and existing cardmembers?

Q5. Will you charge the Annual Fee if my card is issued less than a year, i.e. customers who received their Card(s) on 19 March 2019 onwards?

Q6. I received my Card in 2020 (under 1 year), will I still be charged the Annual Fee?

Q7. How much is the Annual Fee?

Q8. From which account will it be charged and when?

Q9. When will the next cycle be for annual fee charges?

Q10. What will happen if I only retain the balance to pay the Financing in my account?

Q11. If I have not used the Card and only have the financing facility with your Bank, will I still charge the Annual Fee?

Q12. What will happen if I cancel my card?

Q13. What if I lost my card? Will there be a replacement fee?