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In line with the local regulatory requirements, OSK Malaysia has enhanced its Online security features which takes effect on 26 April 2019. These enhancements include the introduction of Security Phrase, TAC for first time registered beneficiary transaction and maximum open transfer transaction limit allowed. The changes introduced will affect the customers’ overall online banking experience in a positive, safe and secure manner.

Introduction of Security Phrase

What is Security Phrase?

The introduction of Security Phrase as an additional authentication layer enables customers to verify that they are accessing the genuine Online webpage. This is crucial in safeguarding customers’ personal and sensitive data when logging into the Bank’s banking services online. Do note that the Security Phrase is not the customers’ Online password.

I am an existing customer. How should I register my Security Phrase?

What will happen if I skip the Security Phrase registration process during my login?

I am a new customer. How do I register my Security Phrase?

Am I allowed to change my Security Phrase?

Yes, you may change your registered Security Phrase via Profile Maintenance module inside Online website.

What are the Security Phrase rules and criteria?

How do I verify my registered Security Phrase?

What happens to my existing Security Question after registering my Security Phase?

TAC required for newly registered beneficiary

Why am I required to enter TAC for newly registered beneficiary?

Do I need to request for TAC to perform transaction to my existing registered beneficiary?

What type of registered transaction requires TAC for the first time?

First-time TAC is required for the following services:
- Third Party Transfer
- Interbank GIRO (IBG)
- Instant Transfer (IBFT)
- Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT)

Open Transfer amount – maximum amount allowed

What is the maximum amount allowed for Open Payment and Funds Transfers?

Why am I still unable to perform Open Transfer of RM10,000 and above even though I have updated my Open Transfer limit to RM10,000?

Can I pay or transfer RM10,000 and above after I have added the beneficiary as favourite?

Why have I been prompted to answer the Security Question while performing my transaction(s)?

What should I do if I forgot the answer of my Security Question?

You may reset your Security Question by clicking the “Forgot my Security Answers” hyperlink which is available at our Online login screen.